Odds and ends, one-offs
and something called “radio.”

In advertising, if you’re lucky (or good), you amass a lot of work. Here’s some work that I like, but that’s 
kind of unconnected to a larger, more cohesive campaign. Hey, it’s you’re lucky day! You’ve found my island
of misfit toys.

The  idea was simple: QuikTrip convenience stores appeal to literally everyone.
Even people who love negative political attack ads. So we spoofed them. 

BC Headache Powder
It’s big in the South, and with truckers. And it just so happens to work really fast. Much quicker
and more effectively than pills. This simple, throwback poster campaign ensued.  And we really
screen-printed it.

Jewelry ads are just terrible. Can we all agree on that? But with some category-defying thinking,
plus the help of a bold director, we made something not-terrible, something more magical instead.

...and my very own ‘meme.’
As a devout runner, I’m proud  that a line I wrote for ASICS has taken on a life of its own, among runners and beyond. Google it: it shows up everywhere, for all kinds of sports. Which is great, since inspiring people is what keeps me thinking and writing. Here’s a smattering.

Brian Dunaway