Wild Turkey had a problem.

It was old. Irrelevant. And considered kind of trashy. But the real story was that Wild Turkey bourbon
is a true original. With a recipe that’s never changed — for 60 years and counting. Authenticity. In a
category of fluff and half-truths and just plain bullshit. It’s something we hung our hat on. Hard.




#ToastJimmy Social Media Program +  Poster Surprise & Delight
In honor of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell’s 60th anniversary, we asked fan to #ToastJimmy in social media
and rewarded them with commemorative, screen-printed posters signed by the legend himself.

#RideWithRosie Social Media Program + Charitable Activation
In newspapers, we ran a letter inviting fans to tweet  the #RideWithRosie hashtag. When they did, our
master distiller  donated $1 to Rosie Napravnik’s thoroughbred charity. If Rosie won the  Derby, Wild Turkey
would double its donation. The hashtag trended on Twitter and caught the attention of celebrities.

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Jimmy Russell 60th Anniversary Documentary

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Brian Dunaway